Utrecht, and more

We took a commuter train, 35 minutes, to this interesting artistic pretty city.  I know the name for art supplies- ok, now I know even better! 

its the home of artists such as Mondrian.  He was being celebrated throughout town.  But most of his work is at LaHague museum.  We visited the Museum and saw modern art, circa 1914, quite modern still.  Arquitecture and furniture, old masters and avant-garde famous, together in an extensive exhibit.   

We sat next to a canal, had lunch and later dessert.  A nice easy day.  Saw lots of bicicles also here, and lots of people. 



Chair and I - one of many many modern chairs.


A cool day but Spring is blooming  



Canal walk



A Master from olden times- Hobel (will verify) 


 For previous photo, old master  

For previous photo, old master  


Time presses